Mercy Multiplied Guest Teacher Spotlight: Lindsey Bussey


Mercy Multiplied Guest Teacher Spotlight: Lindsey Bussey

July 13, 2016

Lindsey Bussey

Lindsey Bussey, Mercy Guest Teacher

As a part of its multi-dimensional approach designed to address the whole person – body, mind and spirit – Mercy Multiplied often invites guest speakers to teach the Mercy residents at its four U.S. homes. Last Monday, Lindsey Bussey delivered a message titled “In His Presence” at the Monroe Mercy home, where she has been teaching for the past nine years. Lindsey is founder of True Image, a discipleship and conference ministry for women, and serves as the Young Adult Pastor at Word of Life Center in Shreveport, LA. Read our recent Q & A with Lindsey below:

Q: Could you share with us a bit about your ministry?

A: I grew up in the ministry as a pastor’s kid. I became youth pastor of our church at 18. I served as youth pastor for almost 11 years, and I have recently, along with my husband (of two years), taken over our young adult’s ministry and doing anything else our pastor needs. I started True Image back in 2006, and it was geared for middle and high school students as a discipleship program for our girls. Now we have one workbook out, and I am finishing the second workbook now. The heart of True Image is four things: 1) finding who you are 2) finding your purpose 3) walking out your purpose 4) helping others walk out their purpose. I have also taken more responsibility for our women’s ministry at our church, and now everything about our women’s/girl’s ministry is under True Image. We also have a True Image YouTube channel where I have women of all ages go through the workbook with me. I believe in bridging the gap by encouraging the older women to mentor the younger women. I am really excited to see what God is doing in our women!

Lindsey Bussey teaching

Lindsey in action, teaching the Monroe Mercy residents

Q: How did you first come to know about Mercy Multiplied?

A: My dad, Sam Carr, served on the Mercy board for many years, and my sister Lainey is a Mercy baby. Her mom was a resident at the Monroe home. So I have been raised knowing about Mercy my whole life.

Q: How often do you teach at the Monroe home, and on what topics do you teach?

A: I teach once a month. The topics vary, but it all goes under these categories: knowing who you are as God’s daughter; knowing what belongs to you and what doesn’t belong to you; finding your purpose; discovering your gifts and callings and how to walk out your purpose (the heart of True Image). I also allow the Holy Spirit to minister to the girls in a personal way.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of working with the Mercy residents?

A: I love seeing the change in their countenance. It’s not an outward change. It’s an inward change that flows out of them over time. They literally go from hopeless to hopeful. I love it when they tell me whatever I ministered that day was exactly what they needed. I know it’s the Holy Spirit; it’s not me. But to be a vessel for God to use to bring healing, deliverance and transformation to these girls is the highlight of my life. There is nothing more beautiful to see than a life that is transformed by God!

Q: What has God taught you through teaching at Mercy?

Lindsey Bussey teaching

Another teaching moment with Lindsey at the Monroe Mercy home

A: I never was a resident of Mercy, but I have been in a place in my life where I felt hopeless. God has constantly proven to me that my mess became my message (True Image). I never take lightly the times I get to minister at Mercy. I am thankful that I can share my story from my own experience and that no matter how much of mess you’re in, God never leaves you or forsakes you. I am thankful I dealt with all of my junk so I can freely, boldly and fearlessly speak hope and Jesus to these sisters of mine. I know what God did for me, He can do for them.

After Lindsey’s message last Monday, many of the Mercy residents expressed a desire to be in God’s presence and allow Him to bring healing to their lives. “I liked when Lindsey pointed out that we are sometimes afraid to be in God’s presence,” said one resident. “I feel like God won’t talk to me sometimes because I’m unworthy and my issues are not big enough, but I know that God wants to heal me and make me whole. At Mercy I have the opportunity to dwell in His presence.”

Mercy is thankful for Lindsey’s heart to serve and teach the young women at Mercy Multiplied. For more information about Mercy Multiplied’s residential program, including biblically based teaching and counseling, click here.