Mercy Multiplied Celebrates 13 New Graduates in July


Mercy Multiplied Celebrates 13 New Graduates in July

July 29, 2016

We are continually blown away by how God intercedes in girls’ lives to bring them to Mercy! His faithfulness to change their lives and lead them into a place of renewed hope and redemption is beautiful. You can read 13 of these incredible stories below.


God taught me that He is not the author of my pain, and when I give Him complete control over my situations, He is my strength. He is the strongest when I am my weakest, and He wants to help me.

Click here to read Tiffany’s story.


God brought redemption from my eating disorder and past hurts. I now know who I am in Christ, and I learned how to trust people and Christ!

 Click here to read Isabella’s story.


Realizing the true identity of God and Jesus was when everything began to fall into line for me. It finally occurred to me that the Christian faith was meant to be centered on love, not fear.

Click here to read Ashe’s story.


God has healed a lot of pain I carried from experiences and taught me a lot of truth about Him and the way He sees me. I learned complete dependence on God. I also learned that “the real me” has value and she’s actually really cool and incredibly loved. 

Click here to read Tessa’s story.


I walked through the doors of Mercy not really knowing what to expect. I was overwhelmed by the love, grace and mercy of the staff. I learned that I don’t have to punish myself because Jesus paid the price for my sins. I also learned to embrace who God created me to be. 

Click here to read Laney’s story.


I now know that I am welcomed into the presence of God, not merely tolerated. I became able to boldly say that I am because He was, is and always will be.

Click here to read Jessica’s story.


At Mercy, God taught me how beautiful I am. He showed me that the things that happened to me in the past were not my fault and do not define me. I now believe that I am worthy of love and a daughter of the King.

Click here to read Jennah’s story.


I am no longer living in darkness. I am filled with the light and love of the Holy Spirit! I love life now.

Click here to read Kirsten’s story.


God has totally rocked my world. He showed me how to love and accept myself. He showed me how to forgive myself. He delivered me from addiction and healed past hurts. He made me whole again.

Click here to read Tiffany’s story.


I began the journey of allowing God to develop in me a healthier view of who He is. He took me through scriptures to learn about His character. He awakened dreams and passions in me, all while teaching me to laugh and smile again. I learned how valuable I am to Him. 

Click here to read Jessica’s story.


Through my journey I learned the truth about God’s unconditional love. He restored my perspective about my identity as His child and allowed me to understand that I have value. 

Click here to read Dericka’s story.


When God first began to reveal Himself to me, my heart really changed. Soon I was able to make relationships, have self-confidence, and feel actual, real joy.

Click here to read Sydney’s story.


God proved himself to me in many ways. He showed me my value and what real love is. I am happy now because I know the truth about my worth and who I am in Him. 

Click here to read Alexandria’s story.

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