California Freedom Experience Brings Transformation


California Freedom Experience Brings Transformation

July 28, 2016

“When we know God’s truth, it will set us free!”

Mercy Multiplied Founder and President, Nancy Alcorn proclaimed this truth to over 400 attendees July 22nd-23rd at the Freedom Experience, held at the Destiny Community Center in Rocklin, California (a suburb of Sacramento).

The Freedom Experience attendees enjoyed powerful worship led by singer/songwriter Anthony Evans and heard from Alcorn and other Mercy leaders about the seven keys to freedom Mercy teaches: committing fully to Christ; choosing to forgive; renewing the mind; breaking generational patterns; healing life’s hurts; conquering oppression; and learning principles of lifelong success. Counselors in the Mercy homes have used these tools to help thousands of young women break free from life-controlling issues since 1983.

“Our heart is that the Lord would do something deep, at a root level, at a heart level,” said Melanie Wise, Mercy’s Director of Outreach, as she explained what true freedom in Christ is and what it is not. “We’re here to allow the Lord to start going down into the roots, and start to dig down deep, and start to change us from the inside out. Because when you’re changed from the inside out, that is when you truly experience freedom, real freedom.”

By the end of the event, attendees had shared countless personal stories of transformation with Mercy staff, and over 225 had committed or recommitted their lives to Christ. Among those impacted were 32 youth from Koinonia Foster Program.

One woman shared this about her experience: “The presenters sharing their own hurt and struggles encouraged me to look inside and face my struggles …This is the most transformative event I’ve ever attended. Thank you!”

To view Facebook Live segments of Nancy Alcorn, Anthony Evans, and Melanie Wise in action at the California Freedom Experience, visit Mercy’s Facebook page. For more information about Mercy Multiplied’s Freedom Experience, click here.