Mercy Celebrates February Graduates


Mercy Celebrates February Graduates

March 8, 2016

Mercy Multiplied graduations are a time to honor our residents’ hard work and healthy choices and celebrate God’s transforming power in their lives. Check out these amazing stories to get a glimpse of the hope God has restored in the hearts of our February graduates.


When I first got to Mercy I thought it would be like it had always been in my life, but the Mercy staff took the time to listen to me, and they genuinely cared about me and how I really felt. I was in shock at their kindness, and I began to realize that the program was doable and that MAYBE I could actually find freedom.

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I had a lot of consistency and stability at Mercy, and that made all of the difference in my healing process. Mercy has shown me how to work through tough times. I will definitely leave Mercy using the tools that they have provided for me and help someone else the way that Mercy has helped me.

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While I was at Mercy, God did a complete turn-around in my heart. I feel whole for the first time in my life. I feel His presence and love for me as one of His daughters.

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I have learned that my true identity is in God and not what I look like or what I accomplish in my lifetime. I am loved with an everlasting and unfailing love that my Heavenly Father holds for me. I can rest in the knowledge that He is working everything in my life for good and that He truly cares about me. 

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