In Q4 of 2013, an independent firm conducted a survey of former Mercy residents, similar in scope to the former resident study conducted in 2008, to determine how successfully Mercy is fulfilling its mission.

Former residents for whom we had current email addresses were invited to participate.

379 former residents responded. Their responses are included in summary below.

Approximately 50% of respondents had been out of the Mercy program four or more years.

Survey respondents’ reasons for leaving Mercy: 87% graduated from the program; 5% left of their own accord for non-medical reasons; 1% left for medical reasons; 4% left because they were asked to leave; 3% left for other reasons.

Survey Results

  • When asked “Did Mercy help you transform your life and restore your hope?” 94% of all respondents answered “YES.” Similarly, 93% answered “YES” in our 2008 study.
  • While 80% indicated that they were “poorly adjusted” or “not at all adjusted” to life before coming to Mercy, 82% indicated they were “well adjusted to life” after their time in the program. These measures are similar to 2008 results. This significant improvement in response, along with the average time out of the program, suggests a transformation of lives that is both robust and long-lasting.
  • 89% indicated that they have shared their story of life transformation with others, which is similar to 2008 results.
  • 70% rated the usefulness of tools learned at Mercy to be “Extremely Effective” or “Very Effective”. This measure is unchanged from 2008.
  • 79% would recommend Mercy without any reservation to other young women struggling with similar issues. This measure is on par with 2008 results.
  • Average age of entry to Mercy is 21-22 years old. (This statistic represents all Mercy former residents, not just respondents.)
  • Furthermore, these results were independent of the home location in which a young woman resided during her time at Mercy, which suggests that the effects of the program are transferable to multiple locations.
  • 85% of all Mercy residents have been in previous treatment centers or programs without lasting results. (Note: Often financial resources run out before they can finish the program, insurance benefits run out, or the young women lack access to the right programs for their issues.)


NOTE: Full study results analysis available upon request. Email and request 2013 former resident study results.

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