Treatment or Transformation

13 Real Stories Why You Can’t Argue With a Changed Life

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Treatment or Transformation: 13 Real Stories Why You Can't Argue With a Changed Life

In Treatment or Transformation, Nancy Alcorn offers 13 real stories of young women who experienced total life transformation through Jesus Christ while in the residential program at Mercy Multiplied. After reading these stories, you too will agree that you can’t argue with a changed life!

Author’s Note

In early 2017, I began hearing about a new Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why, and a friend of mine, who is familiar with the issues we deal with at Mercy, encouraged me to watch the first season. I was deeply impacted by this series, as I quickly realized how many young women who walk through the doors of our residential homes have similar struggles as the girl featured in the series. I was inspired to share 13 stories of young women who experienced a very different outcome than the girl featured in 13 Reasons Why because they chose to reach out for help.
Nancy Alcorn

Nancy Alcorn: "Take authority over the enemy in 2019"

I was unable to stop turning the pages because of the testimonies of girls and women radically transformed by Jesus Christ while residents at Mercy Multiplied, I finished the book in one day! It is a book of encouragement and hope for all who are struggling with painful issues.
Teena, Franklin, TN

I appreciate this book on many levels and find it demonstrates very well the great mercy of our Lord, the love and wisdom of the Mercy team, and true freedom as demonstrated in the lives of these women. I have already purchased more copies for friends and family because I know they will also appreciate and grow themselves through this book.
Doug, Denver, CO


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