It is because of our generous supporters that Mercy can offer its programs free-of-charge. Over the years, this ministry has grown from a Residential Program to an Outpatient Program and Outreach Services. We are so grateful to God for moving on the hearts of our supporters and for bringing Mercy more and more partners over the years to finance the expansion God continues to do. Many people have been giving to Mercy for decades and we wanted to share why some of these generous people choose to support Mercy Multiplied financially.  

Al Worthington

When did you first hear about Mercy Multiplied?

“In 1992, I was going to a Michael English concert, and I was late, but I arrived right when Nancy was walking out on the stage. It was pretty much all God ordained. She shared her vision for Mercy.

I started doing monthly support because that’s what I believe makes a difference in the world is monthly support instead of one-time support. And it’s a blessing because I’ve been able to visit two homes.  I visited the Nashville home at one of the anniversary gatherings and then we happened to be in St. Louis and I took my wife, when I was newly married, to the St. Louis home.”

Why do you support Mercy Multiplied?

“Because it’s an alternative to abortion. At that time, when I heard about Mercy, one of the main focuses of the ministry was to be an alternative to abortion. And now I know that it has grown through the years to also focus on other things but that was the caveat for me wanting to support.  As a Christian, I believe that we need to have an alternative to abortion and I believe that the Church and ministries, like Mercy, are the ones who need to provide that.”

What would you say to others who might be considering supporting Mercy?

That Mercy Multiplied is multiplying your gift so that you’re touching people in all different realms of life. Of course, with Mercy, you never know, I mean I can probably count on two hands the number of people that I’ve come across who either have gone to Mercy before or have had a child that went through Mercy.”