Please join us in congratulating our recent graduates of the residential program! The young women who graduated this Summer have worked very hard, and we know that God has great things in store for them. Please note that minors and graduates not wishing to publish their stories are not shown.


“At Mercy, I have gained skills that I can use at home when I struggle, and I have a solid foundational relationship with God.”


“While at Mercy, God has restored me; spirit, soul, and body. I saw Him pursue me relentlessly time and time again. He never gave up on me. I hear His voice so clearly now and believe with my whole heart that He loves me and wants what is best for me.”


“I believe God really used this time to literally save my life, to save my future and the generations that will come after me. And I know this is only the beginning! I am excited to continue on this journey of healing, wholeness, and freedom.”


“By the grace of God, I walked through the doors of Mercy. It was so hard for me to believe that I was worthy of being here and that I was worth doing the hard work it takes to walk in freedom. But while at Mercy, I have transformed in ways I did not think possible.”


“God has transformed my life throughout my time here at Mercy. He has given me a spirit of joy and peace instead of fear. He has completely restored my relationship with my family. I thought that I would never be able to overcome the things that I went through, but with the power of God, all things are possible.”


“At Mercy, I found that God’s love is unconditional, unlike some of the relationships I have previously experienced in my life. God never fails, even when people do. I learned that my past is in the past and with Jesus Christ, I have a hope and a future because He knows the plans that He has for me.”


“About a year ago I found myself in the darkest place of my life and began thinking there must be a better way. I now have a closer relationship with Jesus than I ever have and am 14 months free from addiction. I am confident in who God has made me to be.”


“After being at Mercy, I can confidently say that I experience God’s love for me. I finally accepted what happened and let go of all of the shame and guilt that I had buried inside. I can stand here today and say that I love the woman I am, and I am so proud of myself. It is a dream come true to be able to say that!”


“I’m proud to say the light of Jesus shines through me. I look down at my scars and they remind me of my life without Jesus and how broken I was. They are a reminder never to go back. I am rising from the ashes of my old life and starting a new one with Jesus by my side.”


“At Mercy, I received unconditional love from the staff, without reason or cause. I learned that abuse does not define me. I am not bound by my past or other people’s perceptions about me.”