Mercy Celebrates October Graduates

November 5, 2018

We are so proud of our recent Mercy Graduates. They showed dedication, perseverance and joy as they walked through our doors. Their lives mirror the transformation and freedom that Jesus Christ has given all of us. Congratulations to our grads!

Anna, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied


During my time at Mercy, I was reminded in Hebrews 13:5 that God will never forsake me. As I really thought about that promise, the cry Jesus made on the cross echoed in my heart. My God, My God, why have you abandoned me? (Matthew 27:46) My entire soul shifted at this revelation. God, my Father, didn’t want to abandon me, so He abandoned His son instead. That’s how worthy I am. I never will believe I have no value again.

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Brittany, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied


I heard about Mercy though my mom and I decided to apply because I had gotten professional help but was told I would always struggle with either depression or an eating disorder for the rest of my life. So, I knew that the only way I could be set free is if I had the help of God. A turning point for me during Mercy was realizing that God wanted to teach me about His character and in that process, he would slowly heal me.

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Colleen, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied


After my first month at Mercy, some of the girls mentioned how much growth I’d had.  I felt like there was no growth.  Another turning point for me was my 3-month mark. I noticed that I had a true relationship with God, which was marked with constant prayer.  I realized I need to pray to God every day in order for my life to be normal.

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Emily, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied


God helped me see that my body is a gift. He fashioned me and made me the beautiful person that I am today. Throughout my time at Mercy, God helped me see, by displaying it through all the staff, that I was loved, cared for, and not judged. The staff helped me see that they didn’t see me as whatever negative belief I had about myself, that my past doesn’t define who I am, nor does it define the future that I will have.

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Kristen, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied


Before coming to Mercy, I was depressed, and I hated everything about myself. I was letting my mistakes and the mistakes of others consume my life. I decided to apply to Mercy because I knew that I was broken and couldn’t help myself in my own power anymore. During my time at Mercy, I had a turning point when I decided to forgive. Not only to forgive myself, but to forgive others. God has shown me love and grace. While I was at Mercy, I learned that I am worth loving and that my past is not who I am. He has made me new.

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Natalie, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied


Lots of miracles happened to get me here. For example, one of my friends gave me the book Starved by Nancy Alcorn without even knowing that I was thinking about applying to Mercy. I applied because I knew there had to be more to my life. I realized that life was only a vapor and I didn’t have to spend the rest of it living like this.

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