This week’s story is an excerpt from Founder & President Nancy Alcorn’s book “Echoes of Mercy,” about God putting Mercy on the hearts of others to provide for her needs as she settled into her new calling in Monroe.  

Eight months after I had come to Louisiana, the board voted to give me a modest salary. Though it was not nearly as much as I had made in the past, God would prove to me that He was my source, not the size of my paycheck. He provided for me personally by moving the hearts of others to supply my needs.  

One morning, for example, Dr. Rabun Smith, a Monroe dentist, came into my office. “I just dropped by for a visit,” he said, smiling. “I wanted you to know I’m really excited about what you’re doing here.”  

“Thank you very much,” I said sincerely. I was always pleased to get positive feedback from Christians in the community.  

“By the way, the Lord’s been talking to me about some kind of car payment that you have. Do you have a car payment?”  

“Yes, sir.”  

“How much is it?”  

I told him the amount of my monthly payment.  

“No, I don’t mean how much a month. I mean, how much do you still owe on your car?”  

“I think it’s between forty-five and forty-six hundred.”  

“Well, I believe God’s been telling me I’m supposed to help you with that.” He pulled out his checkbook and began writing. “Now, this is not for Mercy Multiplied; this is for you,” he said, handing it to me.  

As I stared at the check, I was speechless. It was for forty-six hundred dollars.  

Dr. Smith grinned and said, “Now go pay off your car.”  

Through experiences like this the Lord continued to fortify my trust and faith in Him to meet all my needs as well as those of the ministry. 

You read more about how God built Mercy Multiplied by purchasing a copy of Nancy Alcorn’s Echoes of Mercyhere.