We have missed being able to connect with our local communities in person and host our quarterly Friends of Mercy Luncheons due to the COVID 19 virus. So last week we were very excited for the opportunity to host our first luncheon in the Nashville home since February of 2020! Though our residents were not able to attend like they usually do, the luncheon was held while the residents were away on their fall retreat for the day.  

We were so blessed to host members of our local community for an afternoon of fellowship, where a catered lunch was served while attendees learned more about the mission and history of Mercy. Attendees also heard encouraging testimonies from two Mercy graduates. It was clear that so many in attendance were touched by their stories of transformation and inspired by their courage.  

Ashley, a 2015 graduate, had this to say during her testimony,  

“My life after Mercy Multiplied has truly had that multiplied aspect. Because everything that was poured into me and broken down in me has increased in its goodness, and now, I have been able to pour that out into others. Now I work at a residential facility as a residential manager, getting to pour into women who truly are in the most broken place of their lives. I get to multiply everything that was given to me at Mercy, to them.” 

Jessie, a 2012 graduate, reflected on her time at Mercy and said,  

“I forgave myself during my time at Mercy, and I was able to forgive others too. God began to rebuild my relationships with my family and taught me how to live in fellowship with other people. I spent years and years isolating myself and running away from every problem, and I finally know what it was like to be a part of the body of Christ and to have those healthy relationships with healthy boundaries. I thank God for Mercy every single day.”  

We are always so encouraged to see how our graduates are touching so many lives after their time at Mercy. It truly shows that the healing found through Jesus can be multiplied to so many from just one person.  

After the lunch and testimonies, attendees were given the opportunity to take a guided tour of the residential home and connect with other community members as well as many Mercy staff. We are so thankful to everyone who spent time with us at our luncheon last week and are grateful for the opportunity to begin hosting our quarterly luncheons again!