We are always so excited to share when members of our community come together to bless our residents! For six weeks, Redline Quality Fitness, a local gym, generously allowed our Nashville residents to take private fitness classes two times a week. Coaches Devin Tolentino and Kimm Chase would clear out their entire gym, and coach Kimm would train them privately.  

Not only did Redline bless our residents with private classes, but they also generously gifted them workout clothes and gear! The Redline community went above and beyond to set up the residents for success during their workouts and gifted them a variety of brand-new workout clothes, a gym bag, water bottles, and scripture journals.  

At Mercy, we believe that healing involves the spirit, soul, and body. Because of this, fitness is one important part of our residential program. Exercise not only helps you physically but also mentally. This partnership with Redline Quality Fitness was an amazing opportunity for our residents to consistently take care of their physical and mental health in a supportive and comfortable setting outside of their normal routine. 

We asked coaches Devin and Kimm to tell us more about their hearts for Mercy and what it has been like working with our residents these past few months. 

Tell us about Redline Quality Fitness.  

Kimm: Redline was founded by Devin Tolentino in April 2017. Devin’s goal was to create a program and culture that would combine his experience in triathlon training with his passion for weightlifting. Realizing there was a gap in the fitness industry for the perfect combination of endurance, athletic, and strength training, Devin created Redline. With detailed programming and benchmark workouts to test fitness performance, Redline has become the ultimate fitness experience for all ages and levels.  With an extremely knowledgeable and experienced staff, Redline offers group strength and conditioning classes, personal training, and youth fitness.

How did you hear about Mercy?  

Devin: Since inception, it has been Redline’s mission to use fitness to serve our community.  I used to live down the street from the Mercy home and would often run past it. Wondering what it was, I decided to Google it, and upon reading the website, I felt it would be a good partnership for our gym and staff.

Tell us a little bit about what you did with our residents and the heart behind it.

Kimm: For the residents, we took Redline classes, which are modifiable for all fitness levels and backgrounds, and coached the girls through them. Our focus is to teach the residents foundational movements while building confidence in their body’s capabilities. Because the health benefits of fitness are more than just physical but mental as well, our goal is to help the residents feel capable of continuing fitness even after their time at Mercy.

What has been the most impactful part of spending time working with the residents? 

Kimm: The most impactful part has been seeing the residents willingness to show up and do the work each session. They never complained and always cheered each other on, even when it gets tough. Many of us take our own workout time for granted or find excuses for why we “can’t,” but each of the Mercy residents approached each workout with a willingness to be uncomfortable and a willingness to try. 

These are just a few responses from our residents about their experience with Redline: 

“I learned how to push myself healthily. I learned that exercise can be used in healthy ways. I absolutely loved the instructors because they showed me that even in the uncomfortable moments, you can grow. I grew to know certain exercises and love using them during recreation. I grew in strength, emotionally and physically. The tough moments can be the best growing experiences.”  -Mercy Resident 

“I absolutely loved my Redline experience. I had so much fun working out with the coaches there. I loved the circuit approach to working out and I had such an awesome experience doing the yoga session! But what stood out the most was the coaches’ love for fitness and us combined. We all had so much fun together!” -Mercy Resident 

“Redline was such an incredible experience! They really created such a positive atmosphere for us residents. Redline really taught me how to listen to my body while at the same time pushing myself. As a runner, I have heard, “listen to your body” many times, but didn’t know exactly what that looked like. However, Redline taught me the importance of properly fueling my body and staying in tune with what it is telling me. It was also super encouraging to be in an environment where fitness and faith come together.”-Mercy Resident 

“In the six weeks that I, along with all of the current Mercy residents, got the opportunity to train with the coaches at Redline Quality Fitness, I learned a lot. I’ve discovered my true love for fitness. In the past I would work out because I felt like I had to. While at Redline the coaches encouraged and challenged me every step of the way. I know that even after I graduate, I will continue my fitness journey. I really appreciate the opportunity to work out at Redline.” -Mercy Resident 

We want to thank everyone at Redline for their willingness to dedicate their time to pour into our residents! A special thank you to coach Kimm for personally creating workouts for our residents and training them with such a positive and encouraging attitude. This partnership was a blessing to our residents in so many ways, and we are so grateful for the entire Redline community’s generosity and heart to be a part of our resident’s time at Mercy. To learn more about Redline Quality Fitness, click here.