After a year of facilitating MPower Workshops virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are so excited to share about our very first in person workshop held in Nashville, Tennessee just a few weeks ago! We were so blessed to host attendees from all over the country, with men and women from 10 different states and even someone from Canada.  

 At our MPower Workshops, we share action steps that you will not only be able to put to work in your own life, but in the lives of all those you love and care for. Teaching sessions at the MPower Workshop are led by a team of Mercy staff members who have a vast amount of education and experience in counseling and ministering to hurting people in a wide variety of settings, including professional counseling and church pastoral ministry. These workshops are always such a powerful time of growth and connection, as men and women from all different walks of life come together to learn how to better help and support those in their lives who are struggling. These are just a few of the wonderful things our attendees had to say about the recent workshop. 

“Not only will this workshop enhance my ministry, but it will bless every other area of my life. If you love Jesus and His people, take this workshop.” – Matt 

“I did not expect the unique personal ways God spoke to me and healed some wounds! This is such an empowering workshop full of tools to be a better, healthier leader, and person!”- Madison 

“We learned so much from MPower! It was everything and more than I expected. Thank you!” -Mike 

“This workshop is life changing and can become a catalyst for your ministry success because it helps you to focus and set a proper foundation.”- Chrystal 

We especially love to see church staff and pastors attend our MPower Workshops! We were given the unique opportunity to host a small gathering during the lunch break of Saturday’s session, where pastors and church staff who were in attendance came together to talk about the challenges of addressing holistic health in their congregations. It was a time of great discussion and community, with many pastors and staff members reflecting how needed the MPower material is in ministries at their churches!  

Melanie Wise, Mercy’s Senior Director of Outreach, has always played a major role in our MPower Workshops. She shares why now it is more important than ever to take part in equipping ourselves to help and support others we love: 

“After six years of holding innumerable MPower Workshops, I have never felt more strongly that this training is desperately needed than I do today. This has been such a tough year-and-a-half for so many, and there are countless people who are hurting and struggling in ways that they never were a couple of years ago. It’s imperative that the Body of Christ be equipped to answer the call and respond to the need, and that’s what this workshop is all about!” 

We want to thank our staff and the many local volunteers who helped us put on our MPower Workshop – we could not have done it without all of you!  

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