Each year our residents have the wonderful opportunity to attend the Designed for Life conference at James River Church in Springfield, MO. Our Nashville, Monroe, and St. Louis residents all had the privilege to attend this year’s conference. Each year we see this conference as a way to renew the hearts of our residents.A lot of the young women are dealing with various issues, but this conference is a way to enlighten their healing journey. One of our current residents, Brittany, said,

Before the conference, I was ready to go home and just graduate but God was answering me that He knows better. When Bianca Olthoff was speaking and praying over us, she shared that there was a girl with an eating disorder who felt free from it, but God wanted to erase all the residue of it. I felt as though she was talking directly to me. I approached one of the counselors and asked her to pray over me; I felt the change happening in that moment.

Being outside of their normal routine in the home allows the residents to connect with God on a different level. Michelle, a current resident said,

The speakers were phenomenal, and they brought things to light in a new way. I loved how Havilah talked about all of our yes’s to God is a no to the enemy and going all in for the Lord. Before the conference, I was struggling with having peace with the Lord, but through this conference my peace was renewed.

We are so thankful that our residents have the opportunity and privilege to attend such an impactful event. The tickets for this event were sponsored by the James River Church pastors, James and Debbie Lindell. If you would like to learn more about the Designed for Life conference, visit their website.

Designed for Life Conference 2018