It is always such a blessing when John and Helen Burns from British Columbia, Canada, visit any of our locations. Not only are they the founders of Relate Church in British Columbia, but they are also co-founders, alongside Mercy Multiplied Founder & President Nancy Alcorn, of Mercy Canada. 

As co-founders of Mercy Canada, John and Helen intimately know the mission of Mercy Multiplied and feel so passionately about the freedom found in Christ and sharing that freedom with others!  

Our Nashville residents, home staff, and corporate staff had the honor of hearing them share their hearts recently. The morning began with a time of praise and worship. John and Helen then shared their personal love story and how a renewed relationship with the Lord brought them out of one of the most difficult times in their lives and in their marriage. John also shared how important it is that the young women in our residential program (and all women) use their voices. He encouraged them that they have a purpose and that without their story, the picture is not complete. God created each of them for a purpose, and what the enemy meant for harm in their lives, God meant for good and will use their voices to encourage others.  

Every single person in the room was encouraged by what the Burns’ shared. Residents were inspired by what they heard and a few of them expressed the impact this time had on them.  

“When John spoke about God never being able to love me any more or less, it spoke into my false thinking that I had to earn God’s love. We don’t have to strive to be perfect for Him to love us. We can mess up and still have His love. His love is unconditional.” – Sarah

“They inspired me because I have been called to do something very similar to their mission. I know what they do is hard. It was inspiring to see how they maintain their love, spiritual discipline, and strength.” – Maiya

“They inspired and reminded me that I do have a voice that God has given me. They helped put a desire in me to start using my voice more.” – Jordan 

“I think it is important to recognize you have a voice, just like they said! I like how they also said you are the one who needs to hear your voice first, because you feed into others. If you can’t feed yourself, your impact won’t be fruitful.” – Destiny  

“They shared that you might think your story disqualifies you and that it doesn’t matter, but it could be everything to someone else. It helped me realize that my testimony doesn’t only defeat the enemy in my own life, but my testimony can also defeat the enemy in someone else’s life. It also helped me recognize that my voice is no less or more important than anyone else’s. The more I use my voice, the more God will use me!” – Holli Marie  

It is always a blessing to have those who have had an impact on Mercy come and speak to our residents and staff, and this visit from John and Helen Burns was no exception.  

Founder & President Nancy Alcorn added, “I am beyond excited that I got to visit with my dear friends John and Helen Burns after they spoke in our Nashville home. John and Helen along with myself are the founders of Mercy Canada. Not only that, but they are both authors of various books and have traveled all over the world speaking at massive conferences because of what they have to share and impart to others.  

Honestly, John and Helen Burns may be one of the most genuine and authentic couples that I have ever met. They are filled with love and walk in complete humility. Our residents and staff were beyond blessed to have the chance to hear them speak, and I am so grateful for their friendship and support in my life!” 

We are so grateful for John and Helen’s willingness to be transparent and pour into both our staff and residents.