Executive Director of Outreach, Melanie Wise, recently made a visit to Bledsoe County Correctional Complex in Pikeville, TN. She went to speak to the “Cognitive Behavior Class” which had about thirty women in attendance. Melanie shared with the class about Mercy Multiplied, including numerous testimonies of residents whose lives were radically changed by the transforming power of Christ.

Melanie taught on some specific principles of freedom used in the Mercy program, including Commitment to Christ, Healing Life’s Hurts, Choosing to Forgive, and Renewing the Mind. She also shared with them that God has placed seeds of destiny and purpose inside each one of them and that no matter how long those seeds may have been lying dormant inside of them, the seeds are still there! Melanie also encouraged them that nothing is too hard for God, that He loves them, sees them, isn’t mad at them, but wants so much to draw them near. Melanie said, I have heard that the presence of God is so strong in prisons, but I had not personally experienced that truth until today. These women were so open and hungry for hope and truth, and as a result, the Holy Spirit was able to move freely and powerfully!

After teaching the class and sharing encouraging stories, eight women chose to commit their lives to Jesus. Multiple women shared that they felt blessed that Mercy came to bring light and hope into their world inside the walls of Bledsoe County Correctional Complex. Every woman in class received a copy of the Keys to Freedom study, and they shared what they would like to discuss each week that they are learning in their study.

The day after Melanie left, she received this from her point of contact in the correctional facility:

The ladies wanted to pray together and all but two got in a circle and prayed. We got into small groups and processed the “tree” from yesterday and the girls shared at the end commonalities. They were amazed that they ended up paired with ladies that they could relate to, imagine that! Lots of testimonies were shared between them as well as tears and hugs. You plowed the ground well, my friend. It has made my job much easier and I am on fast forward!! God is super busy and I need to be ready! Please ask your ladies to pray for this group and myself as we continue our journey. Thank you for all you are doing in the lives of all the ladies you work with.

Melanie said, What an honor and blessing to have been able to speak into their lives. I am so thankful to be part of an organization that truly cares for the broken and hurting, and that would be willing to give their staff time and resources to serve those who are so desperate for freedom!

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