You were not meant to live your life feeling trapped and hopeless. If you are struggling with any life-controlling issue like an eating disorder, addiction, abuse, depression, anxiety, or if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are scared, Mercy Multiplied is a place where you can find healing and restoration. Acknowledging that you need help is a brave first step. Taking time off from school, work, or away from your family is a tough decision, but the pros far outweigh the cons. We want to help you learn who you are in Christ because true healing and transformation comes from Him.

During the application process, it is not uncommon for Mercy applicants to share with their Intake Coordinators that they heard about Mercy Multiplied years before making the decision to apply. As a result, their situations became even worse. Their response is always the same – they wish they had not waited to apply and had come to Mercy sooner.

If you are a young woman between the ages of 13-32, don’t delay your application to Mercy’s Christian residential counseling program. The program is voluntary, biblically-based, and completely free-of-charge. Our goal is to help you permanently stop destructive cycles, discover purpose for your life, and experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness, and life-transforming power. 6-9 months is a small moment in time compared to the rest of your life. As you think about taking this big step, you may have a lot of questions, concerns, and you may even be nervous about what to expect, which is completely normal. Don’t let fear or anxiety keep you from asking for help or learning more about Mercy. Our graduates have experienced the same anxiety first hand and some of them want to encourage you and set your mind at ease.

Graduate Quotes

“When I walked through the doors at Mercy, I thought, this feels like a real home, not a treatment center. I felt so much love from the staff and residents. It was nothing like I had pictured.” – 2006 Mercy Graduate, Kristin

“At first, I felt that going to Mercy was setting me back in the timeline that I had for my life, as well as in comparison to my peers. I’m very goal-oriented, so it was hard for me to make that decision. However, my time at Mercy completely changed the direction of my life and what I wanted to do. I was given clarity and confidence through Mercy. Though school is important, what I learned and how I grew at Mercy was of so much more value and worth. I matured in so many ways, and it has made me successful in my career now.” – 2014 Graduate, Jessica

“Through Mercy, I entered a season of rest and restoration. There were days that I heard and felt the Lord and days where I simply leaned into the promise of His love, but every day was a step toward relationship and freedom.” – 2016 Graduate, Amy

“At Mercy, God has restored my life and hope for the future. I have learned how to forgive and give it over to God. God has taught me how to love and how to be loved by others.” – 2015 Graduate, Rebecca

“During my time at Mercy, God taught me that only He could heal me. I know that I can come to Him just as I am and still be fully accepted. He showed me who He created me to be and awakened dreams in my heart. He has given me hope!” – 2010 Graduate, Theresa

“God reintroduced Himself to me. Mercy taught me to reject the lie that I am not worth it or that I can never be free or healed of my addictions. I began to believe that I deserved to live the life that Christ died for me to have.” – 2019 Graduate, Angela

We have a lot of information on our website about the program as well as lives transformed. You can also watch graduate testimonies on our YouTube Channel. If you want to learn more about the residential program, click here. Have Questions? Visit our FAQ page here or call us at 615.831.6987. Ready to start your healing journey? Apply to Mercy today! We want to hear from you and encourage you to make time for yourself. Your life is valuable and God created you for a purpose. We want to help you heal so you can live a full and abundant life!