Mercy Celebrates March Graduates

2017 Mercy Graduate Leah

Mercy Celebrates March Graduates

April 7, 2017

At Mercy Multiplied, we love seeing graduates leave our residential homes with restored hope for their futures! Once trapped in life-controlling issues, they are now equipped to live transformed lives. The young women highlighted below are among the thousands who have experienced true freedom in Christ through the Mercy program. We hope you’re encouraged by their inspirational stories!

Mercy Grad Amaris


A major turning point in my Mercy journey was coming to the realization that God brings all things out of darkness and into the light. God, Himself, will reveal it all, so I shouldn’t bother to hide anything because it won’t benefit me.

Click here to read Amaris story

Briana - 2017 Mercy Graduate


Through my journey, God has shown me that He is my good, good Father. He has also shown me that He can work all things for my good. By His strength through me, I can break free of my chains.

Click here to read Briana’s story

Graduate | Corrin


Through the Mercy program, God taught me to be able to trust in Him as my father. He has shown me how He loves differently than my earthly father and has taken my trust to a new level. A major turning point for my healing and hope for the future came through a guest speaker at the Mercy home who spoke purpose and vision into my life.

Click here to read Corrin’s story

Graduate | Heather


At Mercy Multiplied, I met Jesus. I learned the truth of the Word of God, and I realized that I had been living a lie. Once I experienced the love of Christ, everything changed. I felt at peace in His presence. I found security and safety in His promises…God mended my broken heart and restored my joy.

Click here to read Heather’s story

Graduate | Emily


Through my time at Mercy, God has shown me that I am worth loving and that my mistakes do not define me. He has taught me that there is freedom in brokenness and that I don’t have to cope anymore. I can live in the newness of who God made me.

Click here to read Emily’s story

Mercy Graduate Kailey


God has taught me to love myself and love my body. I have learned that even with my scars, I am made new, and I am truly capable of love. I have been completely healed of my eating disorder and addiction to self-harm, as well as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

Click here to read Kailey’s story

2017 Mercy Graduate Kaitlyn


I learned that if I let my past rule me, it wins. My past no longer defines me. I’m a new creation in Christ. My chains are broken, and I’m done hiding.

Click here to read Kaitlyn’s story

2017 Mercy Graduate Leah


God has breathed life back into me. I have the will to live, and I feel like I have purpose again. I no longer feel like I must be a certain way to have a purpose or to feel wanted or loved…I know that God is more than able and ready to walk me through the tough times. If I am focused on Him, I can and will get through anything.

Click here to read Leah’s story

2017 Mercy Graduate Sara


I have learned that I am not all the lies I have told myself and all the thoughts that try and deceive me and bring confusion. God is not the author of confusion…God also wants me to know that I am loved and accepted by Him no matter what I do or have done and that I don’t need to worry about the opinions of others.

Click here to read Sara’s story

Graduate | Shannon


God changed my life at Mercy, and I learned He has a special plan for me. He has plans that are good and will change the world through me. I now know He loves me, and life is exciting and worth living. I learned that miracles do happen, because they happen daily in and through me.

Click here to read Shannon’s story

2017 Mercy Graduate Tasha


Mercy as a whole has been a turning point in my life. God has shown me His love and His mercy. I have learned that He is a good father. I now know that I can turn to Him for comfort and help. He is my everything. I have learned to trust Him and that He is safe.

Click here to read Tasha’s story

To read more stories of transformation, visit our Success Stories page.

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