Mercy Multiplied Guest Teacher Spotlight: Mark Drake

November 8, 2016


Linda & Mark Drake

As a part of its multi-dimensional approach designed to address the whole person – body, mind and spirit – Mercy Multiplied often invites guest speakers to teach the Mercy residents at its four U.S. homes. Frequent visitors to the Mercy St. Louis home are Mark and Linda Drake. Mark and Linda have been in ministry for decades and now help to equip and empower leaders around the world through Mark Drake Ministries. They have been invested in Mercy Multiplied for many years and a part of the St. Louis home since it opened in 2005. Mark served on our Community Board for many years and has shared in all four of our homes across the U.S. With each visit he shares his heart with our Mercy residents and leaves them with his book “God’s Brilliant Plan.”

Read our recent Q & A with Mark below:

Could you share a bit about your ministry?

After planting and pastoring churches for 25 years, my wife and I have spent the past 20 years writing books and training young leaders around the world, especially in developing countries where the Church is exploding and qualified leaders are desperately needed. We don’t actually have a home, so we are on the go all the time.


Mark teaching during his recent visit to Mercy Multiplied in St. Louis, MO

How did you first come to know about Mercy Multiplied?

We met Nancy over 20 years ago and have been helping since then. Our youngest daughter, Amanda, worked in L.A. as an actress and spent time helping raise awareness and funds for Mercy.

How often do you teach at the St. Louis home?

Because our two U.S. “bases” are in St. Louis and Anchorage, we are able to teach in the St. Louis home a few times each year and give all the young ladies copies of our books and study guides. We get to all the homes every 2-3 years.

On what topics do you teach?

My main concern is for people to understand that true New Covenant Christianity is all about the miracle and mystery of Christ living His life in and through us by His in-dwelling Spirit. He is the vine, and we are the branches through whom His life flows. We are the clay and He is the Potter, forming us into His image. When we know our job is to rest and abide in Him, then spiritual fruit is the natural result.


Mark and the St. Louis Mercy residents during his recent visit

What is the most rewarding part of working with the Mercy residents?

Well, they are certainly some of the most enjoyable people to teach because they are very aware that “apart from Him, we can do nothing.” (John 15:5) We will never experience His true transforming grace working in and through us until we come to the end of our own effort. These ladies know they can’t change themselves, so they are a great joy to teach!

What has God taught you through teaching at Mercy?

The best ground to sow your life into are people who have run out of options because they are ready to surrender, and the miracle life of Christ begin in them. We give the residents my books, and they devour them, and we constantly hear from Mercy graduates who have gone on to freedom, rest, and real fruitfulness.

Mercy is thankful for Mark’s commitment to the Gospel and willingness to share from a place of vulnerability. For more information about Mercy Multiplied’s residential program, including biblically based teaching and counseling, click here.