Tangible Reminders of a Love That Runs Deep


Do you need a reminder of how much God loves you and is working all things for your good? Marina from our Outreach team shares a helpful way to tangibly mark how God relentlessly pursues us and shows His goodness, provision, and faithfulness in our present or past seasons.

Tangible Reminders of a Love That Runs Deep2018-12-04T10:39:18-05:00

Depending on the Lord in an Independent Culture


It's human nature to want to operate independently. In some cases, being independent is a good thing. When it comes to our relationship with God, however, we need to be dependent. Operating from a place of dependence in Christ is not only what He wants for our relationship with Him, it's then reflected on how we go about living our day to day lives.

Depending on the Lord in an Independent Culture2018-12-04T10:40:04-05:00

A Father’s Perspective


When we carry our freedom within, we're then able to share that with others. It's especially important to keep our faith and freedom at the center of our families. Parenting has its challenges, but when God is always our focus, we're able to demonstrate His love to impact our children's lives.

A Father’s Perspective2019-05-02T07:50:40-05:00

Celebration in Goal Setting


Be intentional about your day-to-day decisions towards your end goal, but also challenge you to celebrate the steps that you take in between! It's the step-by-step, day-by-day, mini-accomplishments towards your end goal that build over time into success.

Celebration in Goal Setting2018-12-04T10:41:10-05:00

HOW to Set a Goal and Succeed


Goals help us focus and have vision for the future. But a good goal is also one that is "SMART." The goals you set, in order for them to be successful, need to have some key components!

HOW to Set a Goal and Succeed2018-12-04T10:41:11-05:00

Why Set Goals?


When we have goals for our lives - whether these are short term or long term goals - they position us to have focus and an end in mind.

Why Set Goals?2018-12-04T10:41:12-05:00

Casting Vision


As 2017 draws near, there are a number of ways to intentionally cast vision and seek the Lord's heart for the year ahead.

Casting Vision2018-12-04T10:41:14-05:00

Looking Ahead


Taking some time to intentionally seek the Lord in prayer regarding the year ahead positions us to move into 2017 with vision, focus and clarity!

Looking Ahead2018-12-04T10:41:16-05:00

Altar of Remembrance


There are many ways to look back over the last year and remember what the Lord has done. Our encouragement this week is to take some time after you review the year to set up your own altar in remembrance and gratitude for 2016.

Altar of Remembrance2018-12-04T10:41:17-05:00

Looking Back, Moving Forward


For many of us, as we look back, 2016 held great moments and areas of victory. For others, 2016 may have been our most difficult year yet. There is power in looking back and thanking the Lord for His hand in your life in 2016.

Looking Back, Moving Forward2018-12-04T10:41:18-05:00