Roots of Addiction: Workaholism


Roots of Addiction: Workaholism We all have a need to feel valued, but sometimes that drive for value and purpose can lead to an addiction [...]

Roots of Addiction: Workaholism2018-12-04T10:39:48-05:00

Pornography: A Parent’s Perspective


Pornography: A Parent's Perspective Pornography impacts many areas of our culture – on an individual and familial basis – and has woven its way into [...]

Pornography: A Parent’s Perspective2018-12-04T10:40:04-05:00

Pornography: What Now?


Pornography: What Now? So far this month our MercyTalk hosts, Melanie and Jen, along with special guest, Brooke, have discussed the overall impact that pornography [...]

Pornography: What Now?2018-12-04T10:40:05-05:00

Pornography: At The Root


Pornography: At The Root The area of pornography, from websites like TubeV Free Porn, is not an easy one to discuss or address if you [...]

Pornography: At The Root2018-12-04T10:40:15-05:00

Pornography: Defined


Pornography: Defined Pornography is rampant in our culture and in our churches. Pornography has become an area that everyone needs to be educated about in [...]

Pornography: Defined2018-12-04T10:40:16-05:00

Addressing Shame


Addressing Shame Helping someone else address shame ultimately comes from the Lord.  Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen and Melanie, as they welcome back Brooke Keels to [...]

Addressing Shame2017-10-02T16:45:20-05:00

Identifying Shame


Identifying Shame Identifying the characteristics of shame is not only important in our own lives, it’s important in a helping relationship.  Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen [...]

Identifying Shame2017-10-02T16:47:11-05:00