Mercy for Abuse: Seeds of Hope


Mercy for Abuse: Seeds of Hope Mercy's Founder and President Nancy Alcorn often says, "You can't argue with a changed life." This MercyTalk podcast invites Mercy graduate and current [...]

Mercy for Abuse: Seeds of Hope2018-12-04T10:43:14-05:00

Mercy for Abuse: From Victim to Victor!


Mercy for Abuse: From Victim to Victor! Through Mercy Multiplied's "Choices That Bring Change" counseling curriculum, women are given the revelation of life-transforming empowerment. In this [...]

Mercy for Abuse: From Victim to Victor!2017-09-29T15:46:18-05:00

Kristin – 2006 Graduate


Kristin - 2006 Graduate Growing up, my parents were divorced and frequently put me in the middle. To get attention, I [...]

Kristin – 2006 Graduate2018-12-04T10:44:16-05:00

Rebecca – 2001 Graduate


Rebecca - 2001 Graduate When I was four years old, a family member began sexually abusing me. He was into satanic [...]

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Hannah – 2011 Graduate


Hannah - 2011 Graduate When I was five years old, I was molested by a trusted family friend from our church. [...]

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Rachel – 2007 Graduate


Rachel - 2007 Graduate I came to Mercy completely hopeless and numb. I thought my life was pointless and that the [...]

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Alicia – 2014 Graduate


Alicia - 2014 Graduate My parents got divorced when I was a baby, and my childhood was very unstable. We moved [...]

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