Emotional Health


Emotional Health Often times it’s hard to get in tune with our emotions. Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen and Melanie, as they welcome back Ted Quinn, Director [...]

Emotional Health2017-10-02T16:25:28-05:00

Prayer and Healing


Prayer and Healing Prayer is partnering with God to see His promises fulfilled on this earth. Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen and Melanie, as they continue [...]

Prayer and Healing2017-10-02T16:15:52-05:00

Identity in Christ


Identity in Christ Knowing your identity in Christ is critical. Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen and Melanie, as they kick off International Men’s Health Month with a [...]

Identity in Christ2017-10-02T16:26:52-05:00

Persevering in the Vision


Persevering in the Vision An actual God vision is bigger than anything we can do on our own. Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen and Melanie, and Mercy’s [...]

Persevering in the Vision2017-10-02T16:30:09-05:00

Refusing Fear in the Vision


Refusing Fear in the Vision When we seek the Lord with our whole hearts, He will instill vision in our lives. Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen [...]

Refusing Fear in the Vision2017-10-02T16:39:32-05:00

Discovering Vision in Our Lives


Discovering Vision in Our Lives Discovering the vision God has for our lives helps us to walk in the fullness He created us for. Join MercyTalk [...]

Discovering Vision in Our Lives2017-10-02T16:40:49-05:00

What is Vision?


What is Vision? Vision is something that each of us can connect with. Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen and Melanie, and Mercy’s Executive Director of Counseling [...]

What is Vision?2017-10-02T16:43:37-05:00

Addressing Shame


Addressing Shame Helping someone else address shame ultimately comes from the Lord.  Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen and Melanie, as they welcome back Brooke Keels to [...]

Addressing Shame2017-10-02T16:45:20-05:00

True Rest During the Holidays


True Rest During the Holidays True rest is a posture of the heart and soul. Join Melanie and Jen, our MercyTalk hosts, as they discuss how [...]

True Rest During the Holidays2017-09-28T15:11:51-05:00

Unlocking Your Future


Unlocking Your Future Proverbs 29:18 says that without a vision, people perish. Join MercyTalk hosts, Melanie and Jen, as they discuss the importance of God-given [...]

Unlocking Your Future2017-09-28T15:38:48-05:00