Samara – 2018 Graduate


Samara - 2018 Graduate I was physically abused when I was young. In the 8th grade, an eating disorder began to form, and in high school, I became depressed, started cutting and struggled with suicidal thoughts. I didn't believe there was [...]

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Destiny – 2018 Graduate


Destiny - 2018 Graduate My birth mom was in an abusive relationship, and her boyfriend would sometimes get upset and beat her. I wanted to defend her, but I couldn't because I was too young to do anything. I was the [...]

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Kiara – 2018 Graduate


Kiara - 2018 Graduate Life before coming to Mercy was horrible. I found out about Mercy from my counselor, and I applied to the program because I felt that my choice was to either go to Mercy or kill myself. When [...]

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Emily – 2018 Graduate


Emily - 2018 Graduate My life had always been in complete chaos since I could remember. I grew up in a severely dysfunctional home and was sexually molested by a family member between the ages of five and six. From the [...]

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Anna – 2018 Graduate


Anna - 2018 Graduate I grew up with a dysfunctional family. Bad things happened. The necessities of life - trust, safety, stability, and love were stripped away. I was a broken flower vase. Abuse was normal to me. "It is how [...]

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Anna – 2018 Graduate


Anna - 2018 Graduate Growing up I had every opportunity given to me by my parents to make my life full of potential with a strong future, but I wasn’t interested at that time. They reflected their faith in God strongly. [...]

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Alexis – 2018 Graduate


Alexis - 2018 Graduate I grew up in a loving but struggling home. My parents were very young when they had me. Throughout my whole life I was bullied for being both white and Hispanic. I didn't fit in anywhere, except [...]

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Suela – 2018 Graduate


Suela - 2018 Graduate My life before Mercy was a mess and pretty chaotic. My counselor from home mentioned Mercy to me as an option. While I was here, when I experienced worship, I had a turning point. Also, God taught [...]

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Cortney – 2018 Graduate


Cortney - 2018 Graduate Before coming to Mercy, I was addicted to people and their approval. I hated myself and saw no reason for living. I heard about Mercy from a friend who also went to the home in Monroe. I [...]

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Katya – 2018 Graduate


Katya - 2018 Graduate I was born into a family that was and is passionate about sharing the Gospel. I’ve known about Jesus my entire life. At 4 years old, I accepted Jesus into my heart. When I started school, I [...]

Katya – 2018 Graduate2018-12-04T10:38:47+00:00
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