Celebration in Goal Setting


Be intentional about your day-to-day decisions towards your end goal, but also challenge you to celebrate the steps that you take in between! It's the step-by-step, day-by-day, mini-accomplishments towards your end goal that build over time into success.

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HOW to Set a Goal and Succeed


Goals help us focus and have vision for the future. But a good goal is also one that is "SMART." The goals you set, in order for them to be successful, need to have some key components!

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Why Set Goals?


When we have goals for our lives - whether these are short term or long term goals - they position us to have focus and an end in mind.

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Goals Vs. Resolutions


Our encouragement with this week's blog is to challenge you to set some GOALS for the year ahead instead of resolutions. What's the difference? Resolutions typically only last for a short time and do not have the additional thought and foresight attached to them to allow them to live past January 31st! In fact, studies show that over half of Americans make New Year's resolutions, but only 8% succeed in keeping them to a place of success!

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Casting Vision


As 2017 draws near, there are a number of ways to intentionally cast vision and seek the Lord's heart for the year ahead.

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