Hearing the Voice of God (part 2)

2019-07-18T10:27:07-05:00Oct 25, 2016|Inspiration from Scripture|

As we continue to discuss Hearing the Voice of God, you may wonder how you are supposed to know if you have heard from the Lord. There are a couple of key ways that can help you to know more clearly whether or not you have heard or received something from Him.

10 Reflections on Relationships

2019-07-18T10:27:08-05:00Oct 23, 2016|Christian Relationships|

Relationships are complex and often hard to navigate. As Christians we are called to be in community, but sometimes it’s difficult to decipher what that looks like. We are so thankful for the wisdom of beautiful Mercy graduate Catharine, who shares some of the lessons she’s learned about relationships in a season of relocation!

Hearing the Voice of God (part 1)

2019-07-18T10:27:08-05:00Oct 20, 2016|Inspiration from Scripture|

One of the most amazing benefits of being a child of God is that we have the ability to actually hear and discern His voice. If you are a Christian, it is your birthright gift! In John 10:27, Jesus says, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” So Jesus had an expectation that we would listen to His voice. However, many of us never get quiet enough to hear Him! It’s important that we regularly quiet ourselves and fix our hearts on Him (Hebrew 12:2).

ABC’s of Freedom

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We love seeing our graduates grab ahold of the tools they learn at Mercy and apply them to their daily life as they walk out the process of freedom. The below truths are applicable today to all of us on a spiritual journey! Take some time to return to childlike faith and explore the ABCs! A special thanks to 2015 Graduate, Joanna!

We Were Not Created To Be Islands

2019-07-18T10:27:10-05:00Sep 23, 2016|Christian Relationships|

Ever feel like you are tackling life alone? What would it look like to bring people into your story who were wiser, more mature, and eager to come alongside you! Here at Mercy we are all about accountability! Our Transitional Care Manager, Carrie, shares her heart and a few practical tips to bring supportive people into your life!

Treatment vs. Transformation – A Mercy Graduate’s Journey

2019-07-18T10:27:10-05:00Sep 15, 2016|Overcoming Hardships|

Today I use the tools to freedom in Christ daily. I read my Bible and speak truth over myself. I dive into teachings and fellowship with other believers. I continue to choose to forgive and praise my savior! Even though it is not easy, I know for a fact that I am brand new and Jesus has transformed my life! I am not who I used to be! I do not need “treatment,” I need Jesus as Lord of my life in every single area. Mercy’s declaration of lives transformed is absolutely honest and true.

Speaking To Yourself As A Friend

2019-07-18T10:27:10-05:00Sep 9, 2016|Life Skills|

When left to my own devices, and without intentional thought, I’m entirely too hard on myself. A few years ago someone asked me a very humbling and challenging question that shifted the way I not only view myself, but challenged my concept of grace. In the midst of vocalizing one of my reoccurring and spiraling “should storms,” she delicately asked, “Would you speak to a friend going through the same situation like that?”

Choosing Freedom

2019-07-18T10:27:10-05:00Aug 26, 2016|Overcoming Hardships|

Each day we have a choice. We can choose to walk towards the goal and the prize, set before us by Christ Jesus, or we can choose to dwell on the past, sit in our pain, and allow the hurts of our life to overtake us. Here at Mercy Multiplied we are choosing freedom.

What is True?

2019-07-18T10:27:11-05:00Aug 19, 2016|Life Skills|

No one is too messed up for God. Jesus cares. He cares about you, your story, your hurts and your pains, the things you love and your biggest dreams. He loves you and wants an amazing life for you.

I Ate the Mystery

2019-07-18T10:27:11-05:00Aug 12, 2016|Health & Fitness|

Joy is more than a fleeting emotion. It is something rooted in God’s character and view of us. Only by seeking His face in times of struggle are we able to walk in joy, rather than our emotions. We are excited to have this vulnerable and transparent encouragement from one of our California home staff members.