2020-09-21T19:33:38-05:00Jul 5, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"Jesus truly met me in my darkness and brought so much peace, joy, and light. He healed my heart, healed my body, and restored my joy."

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2020-09-21T19:33:39-05:00Jul 5, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"Coming out of Mercy, I can finally say I am not defined as depressed, but I choose to live in God’s joy every day. I am no longer misunderstood, but I have a voice and a Father who understands and loves me."

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2020-09-22T13:49:11-05:00Jul 5, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"God has given me so much joy while I have been at Mercy and has constantly shown me who I really am."

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2020-09-22T13:49:12-05:00Jun 23, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"I realized that my relationship with God is for freedom because He has set me free."

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2020-09-22T13:49:14-05:00Jun 22, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"I learned to turn my anger, disappointment, and depression over to God instead of trying to carry it all on my own. I learned God is the restorer of time, and He is in control, not me."

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2020-09-22T14:59:32-05:00Nov 5, 2018|2018, Success Story|

My life had always been in complete chaos since I could remember. I grew up in a severely dysfunctional home and was sexually molested by [...]

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2020-09-22T15:01:04-05:00May 10, 2018|2018, Success Story|

I had a good childhood. My mother was the main one to raise and provide for my two older brothers and me. My dad abused [...]

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2020-09-22T15:01:05-05:00Mar 14, 2018|2018, Success Story|

Fake smiles, broken homes, and feeling all alone. That’s what growing up looked like for me. My mom left when I was two years old, [...]

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