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Shannon – 2017 Graduate

Graduate | ShannonI grew up in a normal family. My dad was in seminary, and my mom stayed at home with us kids. I was saved at a very young age and grew with the Lord. When I was nine years old, I started being sexually abused by a close family member. This abuse continued for a couple of years until I became pregnant. I didn’t tell anyone for seven months, but when I did, I decided that I would place my baby for adoption. I gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby, and my life went on. My abuser wasn’t convicted, which was devastating for me, especially when I was forced to be around him. I was broken, but numb enough to get through it. I started feeling the weight of my past, and I began experimenting with several unhealthy activities. A year later, I went through an awful legal case in which I was the victim. The pressure was so high, I almost tried to take my life several times. At the end of the legal case, I decided I needed to get more help. My pastor recommended Mercy, and I applied.

After arriving at Mercy, it took me several months before I chose to really start dealing head on with the issues that were troubling me and figuring out how to thrive outside of Mercy.

God changed my life at Mercy, and I learned He has a special plan for me. He has plans that are good and will change the world through me. I now know He loves me, and life is exciting and worth living. I learned that miracles do happen, because they happen daily in and through me.

After Mercy, I plan to finish high school and participate in mission work with intercity kids and crisis pregnancies. I would also like to serve on short-term mission trips to Ecuador. I plan to go to college to study law to help others who have been hurt like I have.

To all the Mercy donors, your contribution saves lives. It saved mine, and it saves countless others. For that I am eternally grateful. Through your giving, I now experience joy and freedom I couldn’t have gotten without Mercy, and in turn, you. Thank you so much.