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Nicole – 2014 Graduate

NicoleI grew up in a loving but dysfunctional family. My parents worked all the time and my dad struggled with addictions, which put a huge strain on our family. One of my close relatives was so physically and emotionally abusive towards me that it affected my everyday life. At the age of seven, I was sexually abused. I ate to find comfort and gained a lot of weight quickly.

I found out about Mercy thanks to two other graduates who had been through the program. I applied because I knew I needed help with my depression and constant thoughts of death and dying, as well as with my struggle with food. I was scared when I arrived, but I knew this was where God had called me.

Within the first couple of weeks at Mercy, God revealed to me that He loves me—He even likes me! I started trusting people, especially the staff, and I also learned to forgive. My life changed from that point on.

God has revealed to me that He is my protector and will always be with me. I have learned to listen to His voice and His Word on what He says about me.

After graduation, I plan to get involved in a church ministry. I also hope to obtain my real estate license. I plan to continue living a positive lifestyle and keep working towards my fitness goals.

Thank you, Mercy donors, for all your support. My life has forever changed. I have more freedom than I have ever had and more love and joy. Because you supported me through Mercy, I hope to return the favor to other girls like me!