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Kateela – 2015 Graduate

Kateela 2015I was raised by a single mother. Growing up without a father, I felt very rejected and alone. I was constantly looking for someone to fill that void in my life. At age 14 I began a sexual relationship with someone older than me that was kept secret for three years. When the relationship ended, I developed an eating disorder and began self-harming. This began a cycle of many physically and verbally abusive and unhealthy relationships. Over time I had no self-worth or reason for living. I began struggling with drugs and alcohol, and my eating disorder worsened. My world of chaos reached its worst when I was shot numerous times, beaten and raped by a man.

Everything in my life was falling apart. I was in an unhealthy living situation many miles away from family, and my drinking began to really get out of control. I called my mother crying. I told her that I couldn’t continue living the way I was. She then told me about Mercy, which she had heard about on a television program. After looking into the program, we both agreed that Mercy was the best option for me to get help. I arrived very closed-off and broken, but ready to change my life in a positive, more meaningful way.

A turning point during my time at Mercy was when my counselor prayed with me, and helped me to better understand God’s Word. Now that all of the walls that I had up have been broken down, I can finally see myself how God sees me. I’ve learned to love and be loved in return.

While at Mercy my relationship with God really grew. God has shown me I have a purpose and a destiny. I know that in every situation, I don’t have to face anything alone because He is right by my side. I’ve learned what healthy relationships look like and now know that I am worthy of having good relationships.

After graduating from Mercy I want to start building healthy relationships, continue maintaining my close walk with God, and get connected with good people at my church. I plan to get certified in personal training and nutrition so that I can help women walk with confidence and lead happy, healthy lives.

I am so thankful for Mercy and all the donors that made it possible for me attend. I can now walk with confidence and fulfill the purpose God has for my life. I am excited to start this next chapter of my journey, now that I have gained the knowledge of God’s Word, and continue to walk out His plan for my life.