Before Mercy, I was living in fear, depression, and had no hope. I isolated often and internalized most of my emotions, most of which were felt on an extreme level. I struggled with self-harm, abused drugs and alcohol, and was sexually promiscuous.

A friend found Mercy online for me. I applied because I wanted to be in a better place for my son.

When I arrived, I was anxious and very bitter. I tried to isolate myself. A turning point for me was when a guest speaker prayed for me and I was healed from stomach pain I felt due to anxiety. This allowed me to believe God on a much greater level. That made God even more real to me and that He can do great things in and through me. During my time at Mercy, God restored my trust in Him and people from my past. He healed my broken heart, and He has given me hope for a good future. He has given me identity in Him.

After Mercy, my plans are to go to school (for possibly architecture), be a mom, and do something with art, and serve in mission work with women who have been abused and traumatized.

Thank you, to everyone who supports Mercy for providing and equipping me for my future. I really cannot thank you enough for what your support has done for my life. I will never be the same after Mercy. I have a true hope for an amazing life now. Thank you!!! God will bless you for the heart you have for the residents of Mercy. Because of you, I can now fight hard and live well.