I grew up in a very dysfunctional home. There was always a lot of fighting. I never felt safe, and I always felt alone. At a very young age, I was sexually abused, which led me to a life of self-harm, addiction, and abusive relationships. I attempted suicide because I didn’t feel like my life was worth living.

My whole life I had always looked for love and my worth in all the wrong places. Because of this, I eventually became pregnant. I felt I didn’t have the right lifestyle to become a mother, so I had an abortion. A few years later, I became pregnant again and almost had another abortion, but I couldn’t do it again, so I became a mother. I was in so much pain, only existing, not living. I was only alive because I thought suicide was too selfish and unfair to my son.

I learned about Mercy through a family member who had gone to church with a Mercy graduate and had learned about her healing and life change. I decided to apply because I knew I needed more out of life. I had no hope. I knew my son deserved a better life. When I arrived at Mercy, I was so broken, sick, and fearful.

A turning point for me in my Mercy journey was at the first session of the Joyce Meyer Conference I attended with Mercy staff and residents. The night I had heard Joyce speak, I laid in bed and had a flashback of my abuse. For the first time, I could truly see that horrible experience for what it really was, and I was able to stop running away from the painful memories.

Through my journey, God has shown me that He is my good, good Father. He has also shown me that He can work all things for my good. By His strength through me, I can break free of my chains.

After graduation, I plan on being the best mommy I can be. Also, I would love to work with and inspire women struggling with similar issues I struggled with.

There are no words to describe how thankful I am to all the Mercy Multiplied donors. I have been blessed with this gift of life. Not only was my hope restored and my life transformed, but a 4 year old little boy has his mommy back! I am forever grateful.