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Allegra – 2014 Graduate

AllegraAs a child, I was overweight but felt pressure to be thin. I was diagnosed with a learning disability and was put in special education classes. Other kids picked on me and called me names. Depression hit really hard and my overeating as a young child turned into a serious eating disorder. I became very angry. The bullying grew worse and life at home filled with strife. With everything going on, I began cutting and became suicidal.

I heard about Mercy from a friend. I felt very hopeless when I arrived and struggled to let go of my issues.

The first big turning point for me was when I learned that Jesus walks with me every day, and I am never alone. I finally realized that the friendship I had craved so badly could actually be found in Jesus. He knows all about me and loves me anyway, and He never gives up on me. I learned that God already knew and felt all the rejection I had felt over the years. I finally surrendered all my hurts to the Lord—it felt so freeing! I can now run to Christ whenever I need to! God showed me that I don’t have to prove my pain. In His eyes I am His precious child, worth dying for and worthy of being free.

After Mercy, I’m going back home to finish high school. I’m looking forward to getting my driver’s license, finding a job and doing community theater.

I wouldn’t be alive and in a relationship with Jesus if it weren’t for Mercy. I can’t wait to be able to give back to Mercy because I am beyond grateful for this organization!