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not_availableMy father began trafficking me when I was only 8 years old. My father would dress me up in outfits and take me to parties where I was the entertainment and the “play toy”. My father would even handcuff me in the back of a van and drive me around, selling me to various people. I was eventually forced into prostitution and making pornographic videos.

At age 21, in complete desperation, I decided to make a break for it. In the middle of the night, I escaped and hitchhiked to me grandparents’ home several hours away. I suffered from a severe eating disorder, struggled with cutting, and tried to commit suicide many times.

My pastor’s wife connected me with Mercy and the trauma I had experienced was evident from the first day I walked through the doors. It wasn’t easy, but little by little God’s love began to reach my heart and heal my brokenness. While at Mercy, my life was completely transformed by the love of Christ.

Today, after graduating from nursing school, I can hardly believe where I was before. I have been completely restored! In fact, last year, I got married to a wonderful godly man – something I thought would never be possible!

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