Ways Growing in your EQ Can affect your Mental Health

On this last episode for Mental Health Awareness month, we’re so excited to jump into a conversation around the connection between our mental health and emotional intelligence. While it may appear to be all too “touchy-feely” in the discussion surrounding mental health, many studies, psychologists, and counselors have come to say otherwise. In this episode, we break down a bit of what emotional intelligence is and why it matters to our mental health journey.

If you’ve been able to join us at all, then you know that we’ve taken this whole
month to cover a topic very near and dear to our hearts and that is mental health. We’ve talked
about several things from stigmas to childhood wounds and even the role our spiritual lives play
in mental health. Today, we wanted to wrap up the conversation on mental health by tying in
some pretty interesting finds in the emotional intelligence world. With all the talk on emotional health as of late, let’s break down just a bit of what emotional intelligence (or EQ) is and why it matters. Even as we were
preparing for this podcast, we were dumbfounded at just how important emotional intelligence is
to our mental health and how we operate in the world!

Also, in this episode…

  • The importance of counseling, feedback and reaching out for help
  • Why our relational health/success depends on our willingness to know ourselves and God better
  • Our response during stress and what we can do to better prepare ourselves