Self-Awareness with Enneagram Expert Hunter Mobley

As we wrap up our series on the Enneagram, we welcome back to the podcast, Hunter Mobley! Hunter will close out our series by focusing on the importance of self-awareness and on learning how others perceive you in a relationship. Also, in this episode…
  • How to receive feedback well and grow from it
  • Why self-care is not as selfish as we might think
  • How to pay better attention to the way we communicate with others

Additionally, we want to encourage you to check out our first episodes in this series!. Both of our guests, Beth McCord and Hunter Mobley, have been such a wealth of information. We’re so grateful they took the time to be with us!

In our last episode, Hunter breaks down some misconceptions about what the enneagram is and what it is not. He points out the importance of having language for the issues we often hide behind and blame on our personality as part of the problem. He explains that the enneagram is best utilized when we first use it for ourselves instead of forcing it upon others. Also in this conversation he points to practical ways the enneagram gives us self-awareness.

Lastly, Hunter addresses the topic of self-care and why it’s so necessary in our lives. Taking time to rest and reset actually makes us far better parents, helpers, ministers and over all messengers of the Gospel! Walking through the 9 different numbers in the enneagram, Hunter gives us simple and strategic ways to not only care for ourselves but also those around us!