Seeking Help Before You Hit Rock Bottom

Why taking a break before, during, or after college (or any other season of life) can help you thrive rather than just survive!

Making the decision to get help can be overwhelming, but what if you made that choice today, rather than waiting until the issues you are facing become compounded? Whether you are a high school student, college student, parent, or mentor, this podcast is for you! On today’s episode of Mercy Talk, we sit down to discuss an important season of life that often feels too monumental to interrupt…before, during, and after college. Join us as we look at the importance of investing in our personal healing, no matter the urgency of the season we find ourselves in. Also in this episode…

  • Natural reactions to stress vs. impaired/unhealthy reactions to stress
  • How to talk to your loved one about pausing to get the help they need
  • The lifelong impact your freedom will have on you and your family

After the episode, read our Mercy Blog “Why I Took Time Off From College” from 2016 Mercy Graduate Jordan!