Roots of Addiction: Sex

We are made for intimacy and healthy connection. Sex is an area that our world has perverted and drawn away from God’s original design. This week on MercyTalk we continue our discussion on the roots of addiction and the many ways that we meet healthy needs with unhealthy addictions. Today our hosts, Jen and Melanie, with special guest, Brooke will discuss the need for healthy connection and how we can try to meet that need with an addiction to sex. Sex addiction permeates our culture in a variety of ways, but freedom and healing is possible. Join our hosts as they discuss:

  1. What sex addiction is
  2. What is God’s original design for sex
  3. How sex addiction is actually a search for God-ordained intimacy in the wrong places
  4. How sexual addiction attempts to meet our need for connection
  5. How to identify sexual addiction and how to address it from a Biblical perspective

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