Experiencing a sense of control over our lives is a normal and healthy need. When we do not have healthy control, we can attempt to gain control in unhealthy and destructive ways. This week on MercyTalk our hosts, Melanie and Jen, with special guest, Brooke, will discuss the need to have healthy control and how that can manifest through an addiction to self-harm and/or an eating disorder. We see these two areas in many of the young women that come into the Mercy residential program and have watched many of them overcome. Join us as we:

  • Define what self-harm and eating disorders are and how they attempt to meet a need for control
  • Share examples of how these two areas cause individuals who are struggling to feel in “control”
  • Why a need for control is healthy and other ways to meet that need in a healthy way
  • Practical steps to overcome self-harm and/or an eating disorder from a Christian perspective

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