This year, we’re kicking off January by talking about what it means to hear from and connect with the Father. While we may be familiar with the importance of growing in our prayer lives, somehow there can still be fear and uncertainty surrounding hearing the voice of the Lord.  Today, we dive into the 2nd part of a 2-part interview with Jen Barnett, executive director of Freedom Prayer. We also look at the ways our relationships with our earthly family can affect the way we see the Trinity (Father, Son & Holy Spirit). Also, in this episode…

  • Roadblocks that we may encounter in our prayer life
  • Cultivating a prayer life that’s thriving
  • The practice of discerning our own thoughts and what God is saying

The goal of Freedom Prayer is to draw near to the Lord, so every prayer session starts and ends with that focus in mind … restoring intimacy with the Father. Some practical steps in this process include, dwelling on who God is and what Jesus has done for us. The Bible is full of verses about the Lord drawing close to us as we draw close to Him and these are all important to remember as we battle feelings of uncertainty in our prayer lives (James 4:8).

Jen also dives into some of the most common roadblocks she’s seen as a Freedom Prayer facilitator for people being able to hear and connect with the Father. Some of these include pride, ungodly beliefs, unconfessed sin and unforgiveness.  Even previous relationships with earthly Fathers, mothers and siblings can all play a role in the way we perceive the Lord’s heart and intentions towards us. At the end of the day, when we take the time to be still and seek the Lord, He is faithful to meet us where we are and do the work that only He can do