Pornography: At The Root

Pornography: At The Root

The area of pornography, from websites like TubeV Free Porn, is not an easy one to discuss or address if you or someone you care about is struggling. The truth is that nothing is too hard for God to heal and set us free from – including an addiction to pornography. Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen and Melanie, and special guest, Brooke, as they discuss the importance of getting to the root issues of pornography in order to experience healing and freedom from it. In this episode, they will talk through:

  • The importance of tackling the topic of pornography head on and being educated about it.
  • Some of the root causes for pornography use and sexual addictions as a whole.
  • The differences and similarities for men and women in pornography use.
  • How individuals struggling with pornography can overcome.

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