Pornography: A Parent’s Perspective

Pornography impacts many areas of our culture – on an individual and familial basis – and has woven its way into many children’s lives through internet use. Therefore, pornography is an important topic for parents as they seek to protect and support their children – those who have never viewed pornographic material and those whohave. Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen and Melanie as they welcome Parent’s Who Fight founder, Sarah Siegand, as they discuss ways that parents can fight against pornography in their homes and children’s lives. They will discuss:

  • Why parents play such an important role in equipping and safeguarding their kids.
  • Specific ways that parents can safeguard their children in the area of pornography.
  • Encouragement for parents whose children have already viewed pornography.
  • Specific resources for parents on the issue of pornography.
  • Practical encouragement from a biblical perspective for all caregivers and parents of kids.

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