Peace in the Midst of Anxiety

We are recording from our homes and again; we’ve never been more grateful for technology! So, as we face a new week together, we wanted to talk about something that many of us are undoubtedly wrestling with and that’s the topic of anxiety. So, pull up a chair (or continue that multitasking thing you’re doing at home) and let’s get honest about where we are right now.

With COVID-19 on everyone’s radar, it’s safe to say that most of us are struggling with anxiety on some level. However, what does anxiety actually mean and what should we do when we notice it rising in both our minds and bodies? What’s more, how do we process our feelings honestly while also renewing our minds with the truth of God? Join us today as we talk about the peace that is available to us even in the midst of chaos, corona and anxiety! Also, in this episode…

  • Practical “do’s and don’ts” for promoting peace in your own life during quarantine
  • The difference between anxiety disorders and anxiety during stressful times
  • Hope in the midst of uncertain days