National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

This week on MercyTalk, we’re dropping a special episode for
National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. As we discuss the
definition of what an eating disorder actually is, our Executive Director of Counseling Services,
Brooke Keels, Ph.D., LPC-MHSP, LPC-S, gives some practical advice for helping walk alongside someone with
an eating disorder as well as steps you can take if you yourself are struggling. Also,
in this episode…

  • Common misconceptions surrounding eating disorders
  • Root issues and behaviors
  • Helpful ways to start hard conversations

Today, we wanted to take a moment to stop and talk about something
that we feel very passionate about seeing others experience freedom in and that is
eating disorders. This week (Feb 24th -March 1st ) is National Eating Disorder
Awareness Week and we wanted to hop on here for a few minutes to share some
encouragement and shed some light on a topic that so many struggle with.
Here at Mercy, we believe it’s vitally important to look at the roots beneath the
behaviors while also being aware of the physical state of the person struggling with
those behaviors themselves.

Don’t miss the tools and incredibly practical advice
given in this special National Eating Disorder Awareness Week MercyTalk episode.

Looking for more resources on eating disorders? Check out our signs and symptoms page, and other free resources.