Love of the Stranger…A Closer look at Missional Hospitality

This month on Mercy Talk, we are excited to talk about missional hospitality and what it means
to reach those around us for Christ. In a post- Christian world, it can be easy to succumb to a
“victim” mentality and believe the lie that The Great Commission is just too hard to live out. But
what if reaching others for Christ was less about formal programming and more about
authentically loving those in our everyday lives? This is a topic author and speaker Rosario
Butterfield discusses in her book, The Gospel Comes with a House-key and we’re thrilled to be
able to utilize this resource over these next three weeks! Also, in this episode…

  • Why hospitality and The Great Commission go hand in hand
  • The mission field in our own community
  • Why we cannot make “projects” out of people