Finding Purpose in the Problem: a Conversation with Melanie Wise

It’s hard to believe that we’ve entered into summer and that the year is half over! As we move
forward this year with Mercy Talk, we want to continue do our best to offer practical,
encouraging conversations around real issues while being intentional to point others to the hope
and freedom that can only be found in Jesus Christ! So, this month, we’re going to take some
time to hear from our Outreach Team members, about what it’s looked like for them to thrive
rather than just survive in the midst of the “new normal”. Today, we’ll hear from our Executive
director of Outreach, Melanie Wise! Also, in this episode…

  • Practical steps to combating the lies regarding your freedom in Christ!
  • Why old behaviors resurfacing, do not erase the faithfulness of God in you life!
  • Clinging to the promises of God in the midst of the unknown