This year, we’re kicking off January by talking about what it means to hear from and connect with the Father. While we may be familiar with the importance of growing in our prayer lives, somehow there’s still seems to be fear and uncertainty around hearing the voice of the shepherd.  Today, we sit down for the 2nd part of our 2-part interview with Jen Barnett, executive director of Freedom Prayer. On this episode, we hear a bit of Jen’s story and how the Lord meets us in the midst of our woundings, ungodly beliefs and strongholds.  Also, in this episode…

  • The history, story and journey of Freedom Prayer
  • The why of Freedom Prayer
  • God’s pursuit and kindness in the midst of struggle

As always, we want to reiterate the importance of looking to scripture as the ultimate standard and plumb line for hearing from the Lord. Anything we think we have received from God, must line up with His word. On today’s episode, Jen shares a bit of her own story and how the Lord led her to this tool called “Freedom Prayer”. A Biblically based prayer ministry approach founded in reconciliation and restoration before God, Freedom Prayer seeks to act as a “first-responder” to the hurting, broken and those who desire to know God more intimately. While it is NOT counseling, Freedom Prayer does strive to promote spiritual wholeness and healing as well as encourage others to seek out Christian counselors and sound mental health professionals.


Grounded in the Word, Freedom Prayer seeks to utilize scripture in a practical way in the midst of life’s woundings, entanglements and even the strongholds of the enemy. We hope today’s episode encourages you to look into this incredible ministry but most of all, we pray it get’s you excited for the deep, abundant relationship God wants to have with each one of us!