An Introduction to the Enneagram with Enneagram Coach Beth McCord Part 1

Join MercyTalk as we kick off our much-anticipated new series on the
Enneagram! For the first installment of this episode, we welcome Enneagram
expert, coach, and owner of “Your Enneagram Coach”, Beth McCord. Beth will
help us better understand the overall concept of the Enneagram, as well as
how each of the nine types works. This episode features numbers 1-5 as well as
  • Finding our core needs met in Christ
  • How the enneagram leads to self-awareness
  • The importance of self-awareness in relationships

On the first installment in this series, we spoke with enneagram expert, author and founder of Your Enneagram Coach, Beth McCord. It was such an impactful hour as Beth broke down not only the concept of what the enneagram is, but also how each of the numbers in the enneagram operate. Beth also spoke to the pain of childhood woundings, the concept of core longings/needs and how Jesus is always at the center of what we are truly longing for. Additionally, she also provides a list of free resources for those looking to explore their number in greater detail. Whether you’ve been utilizing the enneagram for years, at the beginning of your own journey or still on the fence about it, this series is for you!

As always, if you found today’s episode helpful or have any feedback/suggestions for future episodes, you can send us a quick e-mail over at  mercytalk@mercymultiplied.com.