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Emily – 2012 Graduate

EmilyI grew up in a stable home, but my life spun out of control when I became a teenager. I entered several unhealthy relationships with controlling men. They offered love then dictated how I should act and what I should eat. They also introduced me to cutting and made me self-conscious of my appearance. I began to believe the lie that cutting could release my pain. During this time, I was also physically and sexually abused, which contributed to my feelings of worthlessness.

My friends and pastor knew I was struggling, so they encouraged me to apply to Mercy. Inside, I felt completely broken. I was angry, scared, and untrusting but I believed that Mercy was my last chance to live in freedom. Even though I felt chained to my addictions, I dared to hope for a different life.

I entered Mercy doubtful that I could change. In the past, I had circulated through psych wards and treatment centers without finding healing. How would Mercy be any different? God destroyed my doubts by transforming my life. After reading the truth of His Word and feeling His love from the Mercy staff, I regained my joy. Today, I am a completely new person. I know now that I’m worthy. I am beautiful, strong, and so loved. When life starts to overwhelm me, I go to God instead of fixing things through my own strength.

After graduating from Mercy, I hope to get a job and earn a degree in social work. My dream is to help other girls who are fighting the same lies that once controlled me. Thank you, Mercy, for showing grace. I’ll forever be thankful for the redemption God has done in my life.