I thought I had a life before Mercy, but I really didn’t. My life was filled with trying to stay out of going through withdrawal and trying to make money to buy drugs and alcohol just so I could work and feel normal. I was spiraling out of control, stuck in a cycle that was never going to end well.

A family member suggested Mercy to me after hearing about it from a recovery leader in their church. I clearly needed help and was wasting away. I filled out the application just to please my family member but didn’t expect anything to come out of it.

When I arrived at Mercy, God completely took my heart of stone and turned it into a heart of flesh. He has brought me out from my brokenness and negativity and has healed me and made me pure again. I now confidently have faith in Him and His work.

After Mercy, I plan on finishing school and actually look forward to the life God has for me!

Mercy donors, thank you so much for your giving. Though you may not know us personally, it means so much for us residents to have a bed to sleep in, food to eat, and a safe place to heal. This place gave me hope I never had. Without your donation, I could have never received the quality of care I needed. Thank you!